Aromatherapy Education and Certification

Who Should Take Our Accredited Aromatherapy Courses? As a Director of the State of Ohio National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), I am often asked whether it is necessary for people that use aromatherapy in a healing capacity to receive proper training. My answer is always a resounding yes. Lots of our customers enjoy aromatherapy oils solely because of the fragrance. They use a diffuser and enjoy the scents that permeate around the house. For [...]

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Aromatherapy Blog Update 2016

THE NEWEST ADDITION TO OUR AROMATHERAPY STORE HAS MOVED! We first introduced you to our official Blog this past August and since that announcement you may have noticed the many other changes that have continued to be made to our aromatherapy store website. We continue to make website improvements that support our commitment to providing you with the best in online shopping experiences. Today forward this same type of commitment will now go into our [...]

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Essential oils are thought to have first been used by the Ancient Egyptians over 5000 years ago. Still, no other time in history has the use of essential oils been more popular than today. Discovering new ways to use essential oils can certainly be enlightening. The desire to learn about the many uses and benefits surrounding essential oils can also become a journey with no end as more of us continue to find and share [...]

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“Aromatherapy Blog” by Natural Options Aromatherapy

WELCOME TO OUR NEW AROMATHERAPY BLOG! As most of you know, we built a 2,000 square foot manufacturing building on property at our house. We thought that would be more than enough to cover our growth for quite a while. Well, not exactly. Within a year we were bursting at the seams and we still had some pretty significant growth on the way. We decided to start looking for a bigger place. We really wanted [...]

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